Radura Mission Statement

At Radura, we will strive for an environment that is tranquil, inviting, and sophisticated. We dedicate ourselves to the client experience by providing luxurious products and treatments that are rooted in science and utilize naturally derived ingredients when at all possible. We believe the only way to be the best in the industry is through continued training and education of our professional staff. The client always comes first and we want to be the best part of our client’s day and be kind to our world by running our salon as green as possible.

Vision Statement

We envision becoming the quintessential salon in NH. This means providing sleek modern styles, techniques, services, and product lines our clients would expect to receive in New York City, Los Angeles, and Boston while still being kind to our world by being as green as possible.

Radura Culture

In our salon & spa, our most important asset is the quality and integrity of our own people. Our business is only as good as its employees. We pride ourselves in the quality of services we offer. We search for the right people who will feel the same about their professionalism. We want only team players. We need a “team” mentality so that we can function efficiently and effectively. By supporting the team spirit and environment of mutual respect, each member will be able to accomplish their individual goals and prosper.

We also pride ourselves in embracing change. We understand that change is important to stay progressive and to develop our business growth and the growth of our employees. We strive to provide the best education possible to our team. Our interest is to elevate the quality of our services and the development of our employees. We want each team member to maximize his or her individual potential and to succeed and advance at meeting individual service and retail goals. We have set up our business for each individual to enjoy their work and, more importantly, to enjoy their workplace. In this life, as in your career, you get what you give. We believe in giving.

Our team operates by a creative management direction that includes advanced technical education, business planning, retailing, goal setting, financial analysis, marketing, advertising, and public relations to help ensure our success. The ownership believes our Core Values are the foundation to steer the business into the future and includes proactive business planning, individual excellence and promotion.

Our Story

In January 2011, Radura Salon and Spa opened its doors. The interior of the salon was designed by an interior architect as well as a lighting designer. Through our paint colors, décor, and lighting we wanted to specifically give our salon the feeling of relaxation, quality, being on vacation…totally pampered. Each space was designed so you would not feel cramped. Our clients can enjoy a relaxing personal service or participate in conversation with a neighboring client if you choose to. Walls and corridors were designed to control the noise emanating from each individual service area. It was, and still is the manifestation of a desire to revive something that the owner feels is lacking in the salon industry. We strive to be a salon which embraces the client experience while leaving as little carbon impact on our community and world as possible.

Our slogan was derived in 2012. A poll was sent out to our clients to give us three words that described how they felt when they were at our salon. The three words that were continually repeated were tranquil, inviting, and sophisticated. We have made it our mission to build and improve our business model centered around those three words.

Radura Salon is a dream come true for the owner and CEO Alyssa McKenzie, who is a nail technician, esthetician, and makeup artist. Alyssa started in the salon business after leaving her career as an internet programmer. She has been in the beauty industry for 15 yrs. She first started in the beauty industry as a part-time nail technician on Saturdays. Being a nail technician fed her artistic desires without the stress she felt as a web designer. She decided to leave the high-tech world for good and start full-time in the beauty industry. She built upon her skills and became an esthetician and makeup artist in 2005. Shortly thereafter, she travelled to London, England where she received one-on-one makeup training at the prestigious JEMMA KIDD Makeup Academy from renowned artist David Horn on the “Art of Skin.” In 2015, Alyssa was invited to make up the models for world famous wedding gown designer of TLC’s “Say Yes to the Dress” Pnina Tornai during wedding fashion week in New York City at Kleinfeld. She continues to work with top designers such as Yumi Katuura, Mark Zunino, and Rosa Clara. Alyssa is also regularly hired by multiple TV networks to do HD make up for national TV anchors and politicians when they visit our State.


  • An exceptional client experience.
  • To be the best part of your day.
  • Inspired services by listening, offering solutions, and delivering.
  • A positive and remarkable experience and do so by learning the latest techniques to keep you looking your best.
  • To be kind to our world by being as green as possible.
  • Clean, inviting surroundings …every time.
  • To respect and honor that you choose Radura to serve you.